Universities Network Award 2023

Marini De Livera was honoured with the Universities Network Award 2023, awarded at the Italian Parliament House of Representatives

Marini De Livera was selected as a recipient of the Universities Network Award 2023 by the Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflicts. The organisation honoured the chairperson of Sisters at Law for her sensitivity and commitment towards children in armed and difficult situations.

The award ceremony took place on 10th November 2023 at the Italian Parliament House of Representatives and Mrs De Livera participated online. In her acceptance speech, Mrs De Livera highlighted the important work of the Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflicts, as they enhance the role of the academic community in the protection of children involved in armed conflict. Further, she highlighted the team that stands with her in the struggles for better rights for children.

Mrs De Livera also reminisced about her role as a Human Rights Trainer at the Sri Lankan Army. In 2009 she visited the Government Rehabilitation Camps for Child Soldiers. She explained how she used the arts to engage and bond with the children.

It was wonderful to see the children who had come from horrendous battle-fields transforming themselves into happy, relaxed young ones and you could perceive their stress and tension melting away.

Marini De Livera

She also recalled a time when she organised a fundraiser to buy cuddly toys for the children at the camps, as she observed how the girls’ dolls were dirty and old.

The dolls hair was dishevelled I realized that what these children needed were Big Cuddly Teddy Bears.

Marini De Livera

Sisters at Law is proud of the recognition Mrs De Livera received from the international community.

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