Fighting Domestic Violence Amidst The Pandemic

Sisters at Law’s response to the pandemic. We are helping women affected by the rise in domestic violence and celebrating an important legal development.

Helpline for women affected by domestic violence during lockdown

As a consequence of the lockdown and economic downturn, many women find themselves trapped at home with an abusive partner. Sisters at Law is actively supporting these women during the pandemic. We have a helpline and can help to arrange emergency accommodation.

Spreading awareness

Marini De Livera has also appeared on national television and shared her knowledge in an online webinar.

The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act receives increased recognition

As a consequence of the increased awareness, the seriousness of domestic violence as a crime was recognised. Prisoners facing charges under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act were excluded from the list of inmates who could be released on bail to reduce overcrowding in prisons due to COVID-19.

Support our pandemic response

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